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The (Old) School Room
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This National School building was built in 1837 from local subscriptions and a grant from the National Society of £ 10. The costs were estimated at £ 190. The School Room had two halves, boys and girls, with a central partition; hence the two chimneys for the fires to provide heat. At that time there were no toilet facilities!
Nor was there a schoolmaster's house. Eventually in 1887 a New School and Masters House was built on land adjacent to the then poor house.
There were several attempts prior to this to have the old school pulled down to provide building materials for the new one, fortunately, those who wanted this were thwarted by the original trust deed.
After closure as a school and for over a 100 years the building was used enthusiastically by the community, for clubs, meetings, drama rehearsals and such like activities as well as use by the Church.
The building is grade II listed. The School Room building became too dangerous in 2005 and the various clubs which used it were informed of its closure. In the parish plan of 2004 it was noted people wished to have the building restored and re-opened. The restoration project was token on in 2006 and the present committee are now moving the process forward.
School Room

The School Room is now a Bookable Community Resource
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The renovated School Room is now open (Completed in 2009).
If you have any history or photographs about the school, its pupils or staff please let us know.

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