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The following information will help you with entries for the W.I. Produce Show

The Show will be held on Saturday 7th August 2021 ~ Visitors from 3:00pm

Entries to be sent by Thurs 5th August to the Show Secretary:
Margaret Wilson, Red Spider Cottage, Bratton Clovelly EX204JD Tel: BC Code 871248
Ann Tully, Barmoor Bungalow, Bratton Clovelly EX20 4JT Tel: BC Code 871328

Entry Fee - 20p per exhibit ~ Admission to show: Adult £1 - Children free.

• Exhibits must not have previously won a prize at Bratton Clovelly.
• The decision of the judges is final.
• Exhibitors may make 2 entries in any class.
• Exhibits must be grown in ground occupied by the exhibitor,
except in certain Classes 39-43 where flowers may be bought.
• Exhibitors must provide their own trays, dishes, vases etc.
• Exhibitors of all ages welcome, children please state age.
All exhibits to be arranged in the Hall by 11am on the day of the show.

Below is a list of Categories (Classes) for 2021


The 2021 Classes

Entry Forms are usually dropped through your Door (BC Residents)
or are Available via the links at the Bottom of this Page


1) Runner Beans - 6 pods
2) French Beans - 6 pods Dwarf
3) Round Beet - 3
4) Vegetable Marrow - 1
5) Carrots - 3 any variety
6) Any Brassica
7) Onions - 4 grown from sets
8) Potatoes - 4 round or oval White
9) Potatoes - 4 round or oval Coloured
10) Heaviest Potato
11) Shallots - 6
12) Cucumber- any variety
13) Longest Runner Bean
14) Tomatoes - 3
15) Tomatoes - 3 cherry
16) Courgettes - 3
17) Peas - 6 pods
18) Salad Vegetables - 3 varieties
19) Display of 5 home-grown vegetables
20) Rhubarb 3 stems
21) Any vegetable (not included in classes 1-20)
22) Any fruit (not included in classes 1-20)

23) Bouquet of Herbs
24) Parsley - 5 sprigs in a jar
25) Herbs - 5 different in a jar
26) Vase of mixed garden flowers
27) Three flowering perennials - mixed
28) Three flowering annuals - mixed
29) One specimen rose
30) Dahlias - 5
31) Dahlia - 1 specimen
32) Dahlia - 1 specimen - pompom
33) Three stems of one variety of flowering shrub
34) Five stems sweet peas of one colour
35) Five stems sweet peas mixed
36) A flowering orchid
37) One succulent or cacti
38) Floating fuchsia flower in a wine glass

39) A display not greater than 24" ( 60cm) overall (titled) ~ 'Celebrating the NHS '
40) An arrangement not greater than 18" (45.5cm) overall(titled) ~ 'Going Green'
41) A miniature arrangement not greater than 4” (10cm) overall
42) An arrangement in a Box with Lid
43) An arrangement not more than 12” (30cm) overall for novices only (those who’ve never won a floral class before)

44) Jar of chutney - any variety
45) Jar of chutney - runner bean
46) Jar of pickle - any variety
47) Pot of jelly- any variety
48) Pot of jam - any variety
49) Pot of marmalade
50) Pot of curd - any variety
51) Pot of honey
52) Flavoured Mayonnaise
Please ensure Preserve 'Covers' meet WI Standards

(All cooked items to be covered in clear film)
53) Three Ginger Biscuits
54) LADIES ONLY Crunchy Almond & Raspberry Cake (given recipe ~ see below)
55) One Vegetable Pasty 7" (17.5cm) max
56) Three Decorated Buns
57) One Applecake (not bigger than 20cm)
58) Three Bread Rolls - white or brown (at least 12 hours old)
59) Three Sausage Rolls
60) One Individual Dessert
61) One Jam-filled Swiss Roll
62) Four Fresh Eggs
63) MEN ONLY ~ Porter Cake (given recipe ~ see below)

(To be shown in clear bottles, clearly labelled with type and year)
64) One bottle ~ Fruit gin
65) One bottle ~ Fruit vodka
66) One bottle ~ White wine
67) One bottle ~ Red wine
68)One bottle ~ Any Fruit Spirit
69) One bottle Beer or Cider

70) Needlecraft
71) An item of Cross Stitch
72) Hand knitted item
73) Something New from Something Old
74) Any Other Craft ~ LADIES
75) Any Other Craft ~ MEN

Pictures to be mounted
76) ‘The Deep Blue ' ~ any medium
77) ‘My Love ' ~ any medium
78) 'Arches' ~ any medium
79) 'Five a Day ’ ~ any medium

(5 by 7 inch max not mounted)
80) Macro Image - 'Fantastic Beasts'
81) Original Image – ‘Pride of Place
82) Original Image – ‘Generations'
Original Image means a print without additional effects
83) Digitally Enhanced – ‘Film Noir
(i.e. Moody Black & White image)
84) Digitally Enhanced – ‘Ghosts
Digitally Enhanced means a print that has been altered by digital filters or by computer manipulation (combining images, colour adjustments etc)

CHILDREN Under 5 years
85) Home made Model or Garden in a Tin Lid

PLEASE NOTE ~ The Men's Cup will be awarded the Man who gains Most Points in the Home Produce plus the Handicraft sections


2021 Given Recipes

150g self raising flour
200g of raspberries
150 g crumbled amaretti biscuits
75g ground almonds
175g Castor Sugar
175g room temperature butter
3 eggs
50g dark chocolate roughly chopped

Preheated oven 160C, gas mark 3. 20cms greased & lined round loose bottomed cake tin. Whisk together the butter, sugar, eggs, flour and almonds until smooth and creamy. Carefully fold in two thirds each of the biscuits, chocolate and raspberries, spoon into prepared tin. Scatter the remaining on top.
Bake for 60-65 minutes or until risen, golden brown and set.
Leave in the tin for 5 minutes, lift out and leave to cool completely.

(It’s a moist cake, better made a few days beforehand)
450g mixed dried fruit
150g Plain Flour
175g Butter
One Teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda
Grated zest and juice of one orange
2 teaspoons of mixed spice
175g Light Brown Sugar
200ml of Porter, Guinness or Caffreys
3 eggs beaten

For topping 2 tablespoons Flaked Almonds
and 2 tablespoons Demerara Sugar

Preheated oven 150C, gas mark 2, fan oven 130C
Grease and line 20cm round deep cake tin, put butter, fruit, arrange zest and juice, sugar and porter in a large pan, bring slowly to the boil, stirring until the butter has melted, simmer for 15mins. Cool for 10 mins then stir in bicarbonate of soda.
The mixture will foam up.
Stir the eggs into the pan and sift in the flower and spice and mix well, pour into the prepared tin, smooth top and sprinkle on flaked almonds and demerara sugar.
Bake 75-90mins until a skewer when inserted comes out clean, cool in tin for 15mins then turn out onto a rack, remove paper and leave to cool completely.


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