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If you intend adding to your property or are affected by a proposed development or building work...

Planning Applications are made to West Devon Council
Link to Planning Advice at West Devon

Once an application is made, notifications are required to be posted near the 'Site' and to neighbouring properties. So that Locals can review the intentions of the proposed application.

The Parish Council is also notified whereupon the Parish Council deals with Planning Applications at Council Meetings, or at Extra Planning Meetings (which occur when planning applications need a response between normal Council meetings) ~ these Planning Applications appear in the published Agenda for their meetings.

Members of the public have the right to attend these meetings, to observe or give their views.
At the beginning of the planning item, each person is given a few minutes to express their interest .
After this the Council discusses the application themselves, uninterrupted, and gives their conclusion, which is then notified to West Devon Planning.
The Parish Council has three notification options Support, Neutral, Object
Only if the Council objects can further comments, by the Council, be forwarded and these must meet with required criteria ... such items are Environmental, Traffic, Safety, Noise ...
Objections cannot be for items such as Loss of View, Loss of Property Value etc ...
(To find out more visit the 'Comment on a Planning Proposal' link below)

Useful Links
Planning Advice at West Devon
How to Comment on a Planning Application
Comment on a Planning Proposal

Should you wish to contact West Devon Planning Department you can do so via Email or by Post
Planning Department
West Devon Borough Council, Kilworthy Park, Drake Road Tavistock PL19 0BZ

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